Fast X Movie Review: Release Date, Star Cast and Trailer

Almost all of us know the movie name of fast & furious. For your information, let me tell you that it is the longest running film franchise till date that has the same lead actors which are in the beginning. 

In this “Fast X Movie Review” we discuss the release date of this movie, star cast, trailer and many more. This upcoming “Fast X” movie is set to make waves as it races into theaters on May 19, 2023. Directed by Louis Leterrier and written by Dan Mazeau, Justin LinGary,  Scott Thompson. This action-packed film promises to deliver thrilling car chases, intense stunts, and an engaging storyline.

Fast X Movie Review: Star Cast of this Movie

The Fast X movie is the tenth part of Fast & Furious. Except for some actors in this movie, all the old actors are there who were in other parts of fast & furious. Although some new faces have also been added to this movie, such as aquaman star Jason Momoa, Daniela Melchior from suicide squad 2 and msu universe captain marvel actress Brie Larson.

Vin DieselDominic Toretto
Jason StathamDeckard Shaw
Jason MomoaDante
John CenaJakob
Jordana BrewsterMia Toretto
Tyrese GibsonRoman
Michelle RodriguezLetty Ortiz
Rita MorenoAbuela Toretto
Helen MirrenQueenie
Brie LarsonTess
Charlize TheronCipher
Alan RitchsonAimes
Leo Abelo PerryLittle Brian
Michael RookerBuddy
Cardi BLeysa
Nathalie EmmanuelRamsey
Luis Da Silva Jr.Diogo
Daniela MelchiorIsabel

In this movie, Jason Momoa is in the role of the main villain. However, the character of the other two new actresses (Brie Larson & Daniela Melchior) has not been revealed yet. 

Vin Diesel posted from his instagram account and confirmed captain marvel actress Brie Larson joining the fast & furious franchise and Brie Larson confirmed it through her instagram account post.

Rumours About Dwayne Johnson Return

Although Dwayne Johnson had already refused to return to the fast & furious franchise, thewrap published a report according to which Dwayne Johnson’s character Luke Hobbs will make a cameo in the post-credits scene.

Rumours About Dwayne Johnson

In 2021, Vin Diesel had publicly requested Dwayne Johnson to return to the franchise through an Instagram post.

In response to this, Dwayne Johnson called it the best example of manipulation in an interview with CNN, but it seems that after 6 years of public quarrel, he has decided to put aside his differences and go again with fast & furious.

Fast X Trailer Review

This movie is full of action and if you like to watch action movies this gives you all you are looking for. By watching this trailer you can understand the types of action and stunts that are going to be seen in this movie. Which will be even more fun to watch on the big screen.

In this movie, Jason Momoa (Aquaman lead actor) is going to play the main villain and his role will be connected to Fast & Furious 5. The character of Jason Momoa is coming to take revenge in the tenth film after that fifth film and his main aim is to take revenge from the family of DOM (Dominic Toretto). Because this entire series is focused on the family and the word family has been used 5 times in the trailer as well.

After watching the trailer, it is known that all the actors associated with the film series are about to assemble. But one actor is missing from this trailer and that is Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs) and he might have been saved for the film. Who will appear in a cameo role in the last and will help his family.

In this movie Jason Momoa is shown as the son of the main villain of Fast & Furious 5, who tried to destroy Dom’s family to avenge his father’s death and Dom will fight to save his family. The story of this movie is going to be very simple and predictable. Despite all this, the things that will be worth watching in this film are the action scenes and the acting of Jason Momoa.

Watch the Fast X Trailer

Final Thought

“Fast X” aims to continue the legacy of the franchise with its signature blend of fast cars, adrenaline-pumping action, and a focus on the importance of family ties. The Fast and Furious franchise has revolutionized the very concept of high-octane action movies, setting new standards with each thrilling installment. 

Fast and Furious franchise has not only redefined the action genre but has also become a cultural phenomenon that continues to enthrall audiences with its breathtaking thrills, charismatic characters, and a spirit of unbreakable family ties. Fast X promises to be another unforgettable chapter in this iconic series.


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