Driscoll Model of Reflection – Everything You Need to Know

Driscoll’s model of reflection is one of the simplest models of reflection amongst all popular ones which helps people in targeting effective communication and personal development by analyzing their responses to a stimulus. Although there is no one choice that suits all when it comes to the model of reflections largely due to the diverse personalities of the people across yet Driscoll’s model of reflection is one of the most preferred due to its sheer simplicity.

3 Stem of Driscoll

Driscoll basically studied the interlinking of 3 STEM questions which were first asked by Terry Borton in 1970 and later formed a guide to determine the cycle of Driscoll’s reflective model. 

The 3 reflective step questions are :

Step 1 -> What? 

Step 2 -> So what?

Step 3 ->Now what?

These 3 questions were developed first in 1994,2000 and 2007. These questions are interlinked based upon personal experiences to ensure that the exact reflection is derived from the models. Driscoll’s model of reflection is all based upon experiences and it is used to check our responsiveness rate to a situation in order to assess how you as a person have improved and what all things you could have changed. This will tell whether your past experiences or situations have influenced you while making the decision.

Step 1

In this step, assessment is done about how was the experience, who all were involved, what all things happened and all and how many people were involved in it.

Step 2

In this step, the responsiveness or reaction type is assessed. It will tell you how you have reacted to the particular outcome and what made you react like this. We will assess whether the decision was based on past experiences or not, what was your reaction. Why did you react like this? Is your reaction depend on your personal values or do you now think that your reaction was bad?

Step 3

To complete the third step there is some query that needs to be answered.

The overall target is to analyze your responses to a certain kind of experience and then continuously improving if your response towards the same stimulus has changed for the better or not.

Where can Driscoll’s method of reflection be applied?

The reflective model is mostly applicable to all those industries where the responses of the professionals may impact a larger audience and thus these professionals must constantly analyze and improve them for the betterment of a larger audience.

For example, It is widely used by the teachers as they are the people who have been entrusted with the responsibility to educate the future generation. They are the ones who know how to implement and where to use this reflective model. The John Driscoll model of reflection in Nursing is often aimed at educationists as it is more related to academics but it involves others studies as well. The main objective of the Driscoll model of reflection is the evaluation of the studies conducted. The evaluation is conducted to find out about the outcomes of the research and its impact. The study can only be said essential or needed only when it is reviewed from time to time to know its end results. 

All the professionals who are taking or conducting the research want a proper end result for their efforts. All the major events and minute points are to be evaluated and tracked properly. The evaluation can be done to find out the negative impacts and how to eliminate the same. When there are a lot of negative points coming as output, then there is an urgent need to revamp the process and change the methodologies.

Driscoll’s learning methods can be used in reviewing the performance of a manager as well. Below listed are some potential different situations, where it can be applied :

  • Transition meetings
  • Conferences
  • Networking conferences
  • Mentoring
  • Engaging with senior employees
  • Impact of Driscoll Model of Reflection

The main impact of implementing the Driscoll model of reflection is that it will help to improve the learning abilities and help the practitioners to become good professionals. As there are only 3 questions and which are very easy to remember, this is simple to conduct and can hugely benefit the professionals.

Driscoll Model of Reflection in Nursing 

Nursing is one field where the Driscoll model of reflection is applied remarkably. The model is largely used by the students and the academicians to review their own performance in nursing to check their overall improvement in learning based upon their experiences. Nursing is one area where the different elements of Driscoll’s model of reflection can be reviewed. When a nurse starts her journey, she is less aware of the world she is transitioning into but as time goes by and she gains more experience out of experiences with various patients and these experiences in conjunction with Driscoll’s model can help her assess her own personal growth over a period of time in terms of dealing with her patients.

Driscoll’s model of reflection will help the nursing practitioners to practice their skills and start their journey from the amateur to the best and thus growing in their shoes. All nursing practitioners can apply this model without any direct mentor and can assess their impact on their career with constantly improved responses.


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