Comparative Guide to Stains Removing Spotters


Portable cleaners to remove stains and odors from textiles

Removing stubborn stains and odors from textile surfaces has always been a challenge. For regular maintenance or to urgently deal with an unforeseen stain, offers a range of high-performance, compact and accessible stain removers. These hand-held, deep-fiber cleaners featured in this guide will thoroughly clean carpets and rugs of their most stubborn stains and odors.

Stain removers, for clean and sanitized textiles

Spot clean spotters are a more compact and portable version of traditional shampooers.

Like the latter, they derive their effectiveness on stains and odors from their mode of action, called injection-extraction.

First, a mixture of water and detergent is injected at high pressure into the textile. Then, the combination of deep brushing and, at the same time, efficient suction of all residues allows you to thoroughly clean your fabrics, rugs, or carpets.

Stains, liquid residues, solids, or household allergens are permanently eliminated, for sanitized textiles that regain their original shine.

The Stain Eraser, the featherweight of spotters

The Stain Eraser holds a special place.

Wireless, it is particularly light, compact, and handy. It is equipped with a powerful 450 W motor guaranteeing efficiency on all types of soft surfaces, without its autonomy having been sacrificed (15 min).

Its compatibility with many cleaning accessories, its quick charge in just 4 hours, and its ease of maintenance make it an ideal daily companion for maintaining stairs, car interiors, or upholstery.

Uncompromising stain removers

The Spot Clean Pro Heat represents an ideal compromise between price accessibility, reduced dimensions, and performance. It is a corded detacher. But compact (30 cm x 17 cm x 36.8 cm) and has a contained weight (less than 4 kg).

Its long power cord combined with a 1.3 m hose allows you to access the smallest corners of your rooms without superfluous effort. It also has a very practical handle, making it easy to transport from one room to another in your home.

Thanks to Heatwave technology, the cleaning solution is kept at a sufficiently warm and constant temperature. To maximize effectiveness against the most difficult stains and odors.

An 8 cm brush, suitable for the thickest textiles, is. Supplied as standard.

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Equipped with two tanks (for clean water and dirty water) of good capacity. Which allows both to carry out frequent cleanings while limiting maintenance operations. And ensures an ecological and economic gain. In addition, its clean graduated and the transparent water tank is very easily removable, for quick filling without unnecessary delay.

The Spot Clean Professional, for the most difficult-to-care-for textiles

Spot Clean Professional goes beyond Spot Clean Pro Heat. This is the most powerful (750 W) and efficient hot water model, designed for very regular use on particularly dirty textiles.

With much larger capacity tanks (2.9L for clean water, 3.5L for dirty water), 6.5m power cord, and 1.5m hose, it is suitable perfect for the regular maintenance of large surfaces such as stairs or carpets, without constant back and forth. To avoid any overflow, its dirty water tank is. Equipped with a float that stops suction. When the maximum filling level is reached.

In terms of accessories, it comes as standard with a 15 cm special stair nozzle. In addition to its 8 cm brush for stubborn stains.

Multi clean Spot & Stain, your ally against the most inaccessible stains

The Multi clean Spot & Stain combines both great compactness and maximum versatility. Weighing less than 4 kg and having a carrying handle, it has been. Designed to accompany you without wasted effort in every corner of your home.

Its water tank has several markings allowing you to fill it more or less with water and cleaning solution. Depending on the importance of your stain removal session. A float, intended to prevent possible overheating in the absence of water, is also present.

With a 2.2 m long tube and multiple compatible accessories (special stubborn stains tool, 3-in-1 tool for upholstery, XL sliding crevice tool, long reach tool, motorized turbo brush, small (8 cm) and large (15 cm), brushes), this model will allow you to comfortably clean the most inaccessible places, corners, and gaps in your home or vehicle.

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