Clean and Maintain Marble Surfaces


Natural stone surfaces: how to wash and maintain them?

Aesthetic and authentic, the natural stone now has many followers in the field of construction. Its most famous representative: marble of course. A maintenance-requiring and fragile surface that must be cleaned with care. However, many solutions are available to maintain and wash your marble surfaces efficiently and safely.

Marble, a noble stone to be cleaned with care!

The term marble designates a rock derived from limestone, whose structure has been modified under the action of very high temperatures and pressures. Usually, of higher hardness than that of limestones, it remains however relatively soft in comparison with other stones, and, for this reason, it is very sensitive to scratches.

The first absolute rule, with regard to the cleaning of marble, is therefore never to use abrasive devices (abrasive sponges, stainless steel scouring sponge, steel wool, etc.), at the risk of scratching it. On the contrary, prefer soft sponges and non-aggressive clothes (of the “microfiber” or chamois type).

If all marbles are rather hard, the porosity is however a more variable characteristic. In general, it is accepted that marble does not like to be washed with plenty of water (which would also have the unfortunate consequence of covering it with particularly unsightly stains…). Water can of course be. Used for washing, but it is advisable to use it sparingly. You will use a damp sponge or cloth and then dry the washed surface with a clean, soft, dry cloth.

In case of heavy dirt or particularly stubborn stains, you can add to your water, with measure, black or Marseille soap, dishwashing product, claystone, soda crystals, or many others. household products.

The marbles can sometimes differ significantly from each other in their characteristics and their reaction, when using one of these products, always start by carrying out a test on a small surface out of sight, as a precaution.

In addition, if certain marble surfaces are difficult for you to access, the usual advice in this area remains in order.

How to properly maintain marble on a daily basis?

To keep marble clean and shiny day after day, a few simple but rigorous rules are essential.

The first is to firmly avoid the use (or accidental contact) of substances that are too acidic or aggressive, in particular vinegar, bleach, lemon juice… They risk stripping the marble, taking away its shine, and accelerating its wear. It should be noted that white vinegar can be used, provided it is well diluted in water.

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The second is to react quickly in the event of contact with colored liquids (coffee, tea, juice, etc.). Which may permanently stain your marble. In the event of an incident, quickly mop up the liquid in question, then carefully wash and dry the surface according to the recommendations made in the previous part of this article.

Finally, to give your marble a shine that lives up to its reputation, there are simple measures. Once your marble is clean and dry, soak a dry cloth with a small amount of linseed oil or beeswax. It is also possible to use a mixture of baking soda and edible olive oil, or simply talc. Then gently buff the surface in regular circular motions until the desired shine is. Achieved.

Maintenance of natural stone: prevention is better than cure!

There is a very simple trick, which all owners of marble surfaces will benefit from automating as soon as possible. That of making full use of anti-scratch felt pads. Available at low cost, in all shapes and sizes, they are highly effective in preventing scratches. With the added benefit of reducing noise.

Whether it’s under a piece of furniture on the floor, under a cutting board on a kitchen worktop. Or under a soap dish in your bathroom, these pads will save you a lot of mishaps and a lot of regrets!

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