Bluefin Payment Systems Review

Bluefin payment systems is an Atlanta-based company that was established in 2007. Before the company was launched, it was operated under a different name called Capital Payments. From 2007 to 2012, the company has grown in the market by the name of the BluePay brand. PayConex is one payment gateway offered by BluePay, which provides a secure E-commerce merchant account. This technology mainly focuses on tokenization and encryption to make one of the best security for their customers.

It’s headquarters of the company is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The CEO of the company is John Perry. The company ISO registered for the main and Canadian branches. At the same time, the company has partnered with many other POS software companies as some preferred processors. This combination provides one of the best POS systems. The main aim of the company is to especially focus on small and small to medium-sized companies. The company also provides services for different enterprises and financial institutions.

Bluefin payment systems review

The company has the latest forms of encrypted technology that ensure payment processing becomes fast and secure. The bluefin payment system has PCI compliance. With the help of the development and research team, the company always try to keep track of the latest trends and the new upcoming features and advancement in the industry.

PayConex Platform Overview

Bluefin payment systems provide the best payment options called PayConex, which play a major role in the processing of funds. This multi-functional platform makes any transaction secure. The platform has provided a huge benefit over the years when it comes to any retailer, software vendor, wholesaler, or any small independent group. Here are some of the features you get with PayConex:

  • Debit card processing
  • Credit card processing
  • Mobile processing of various checks
  • ACH 
  • E-account payments
  • POS for mobile as well as for retail centres
  • Omni channel
  • Recurring as well as Subscription Payments

Many other businesses and POS software collaborate with the Bluefin payment systems, making them one of the best service provider companies. As a business owner, the user must need a merchant account with the firm to use the POS system. Solan Target POS and Medtask Applied Systems are service provider partners who help companies easily compatible with other POS systems.

Software and hardware review of Bluefin Payment

As we discussed above, all of Bluefin’s equipment is PCI Compliant. It also has EMV chip card compatibility. Regarding the services, the company has a range of products: mobile processing, credit card processing, debit card processing, virtual terminal for existing PCs, hosted payment pages, and Apple and Android devices. The company also claims that your previous system can easily integrate into the PayConex Platform. The company has tools like SDKs and APIs for creating the best program that directly facilitates these processes. 

The company uses Sandbox Environment to test the software before others use it. PayConex is an app designed to facilitate customers with different payment methods who use salesforce.

Top-notch security of Bluefin Payment systems review

Have you heard about P-O-P encryption? The company has a PCI DSS level 1 compliant payment system. Bluefin has P-O-P encryption, which is related to transparency with security.

Here are some of the advanced security features of Bluefin payment systems:

  • PCI-approved P2PE Device 

A PCI-approved P2PE device is very useful for decryption. This device helps the Bluefin Hardware security module to make decryption to the off side. This device is useful in making any business less likely to be insecure.

  • Tokenization

These security changes make the payment process in the safest way. This helps the user’s system recognize the credit card information for recurring bills, chargeback, and refunds.

  • PCI validated Point to Point Encryption

This helps to carry information of the cardholder at the point of interaction. It makes it nearly impossible for hackers to read this information. 

  • Transparent Redirect

Transparent redirect means there is no way to imply the customer’s information without the token. The system never accepts any information without it tokenized by the company.

The reputation of Bluefin payment systems review

In BBB (Better Business Bureau), Bluefin has a viable profile. NewYork based office got the best accreditation with the department of BBB since 2008. Since the beginning, the company has maintained an A+ rating. While we discussed the complaint against the company, it had only one complaint from a customer. And if we discuss the past three years, then there is no such complaint against the company.

What about the price?

There is no denying the very little publicly available information about the company and its contract terms. Bluefin provides the company’s total program and guides through First Data. But this guide also does not stats or display any specific cost and terms except that it lasts three years. While there is no indication of a termination fee too. Here is the cost summary that shows the percentage of charges the company applies for services:

  • Keyed-in rate – 1% to 5%
  • Swiped Rate – 1% to 5%
  • Payment gateway fees – undisclosed
  • Virtual Terminal Rate – 1% to 5%
  • PCI Compliance Fee – undisclosed
  • Equipment Lease Terms – Undisclosed
  • Early Termination Fees – undisclosed

However, as discussed above, we also found one complaint regarding fund holds. Afterwards, the company settled this matter in 2016. Since then, the Bluefin payment system review has played a hyper-aggressive role in the matter of potentially fraudulent payments. All the merchants concerning high-risk industries must be aware of this possibility and only prefer a high-risk specialist.

Bluefin Payment Systems and deceptive marketing

Whether it is about independent resellers, third-party sales teams, or third-party services, the company has no space for the above terms. The company’s website is better than any other competitive company’s website. It is very easy to use and navigate. It offers a free reporting tool to its clients. The company clearly states that Bluefin does not support any independent sales agency or practice deceptive marketing strategy. 

Are Bluefin payment systems good for your business?

We have discussed many aspects of the company in this article. After examining these different areas, we can suggest that the company has a relatively low complaint record since its time as Capital Payments. 

Moreover, the Bluefin Payment systems review provides a straightforward website with nearly zero complaints, resulting in a high score for the company. After the settlement of 2016 with FTC, the company’s core focus is to tighten the range of business types it serves to get higher-risk businesses for their company. As a customer, we should never forget to read all the terms of contracts and compare them with the other companies.

Bluefin’s partnership with Tax Club

After the company’s settlement with FTC in 2016, it was suspected that Bluefin payment systems had improperly processed payments for a company that directly bilked customers. On the opposite side, this kind of conduct affects the other customers. This is the only reason we can’t count this settlement as any lawsuits or errors. It is suitable for you as a business owner to compare the company to the competitors.


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