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Unveil the Biggest Things in The World That Will Leave You in Surprise

Have you fantasized about the world’s biggest things and believe in the Bigger the Better? Well, then, you are at the right place. The marvelous and bigger creations often attract eyeballs and praise. People are often involved in supersizing things, and most of them come out to be wonderful.

Earlier, considering the biggest things on this earth, the list was full of animals and enormously bigger birds. However, over time, they are extinct, but Mother Nature or astonishing human creations will never stop surprising human beings.

Are you also attracted to the bigger creations? Do you search the web for the biggest architectures and plan to visit them? So, this blog is for you. Herein, you will get to know the Biggest thing in the World, not just one thing but the list of the some of the biggest things in the world. 

Are you excited? Without waiting much, let’s dive into the details. 

List of The 10 Biggest Things in The World

World’s Biggest Tree: The General Sherman (Three Rivers, CA 93262)

General Sherman Tree

When you start talking about the biggest things, the first preference shall be given to the nature-born stuff, and later, you can surely expect the mention of artificially created man-made sculptures. 

The first on the list is:

General Sherman- The Biggest Tree

  • Volume of Trunk: 52,500 Cubic Feet
  • Weight: 4.188783 million lbs
  • Height: 275 feet
  • Species: Sequoiadendron giganteum

Lesser Known Fact

Generally, the Sequoias- A breed of tree found in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, are the largest trees that usually grow up to 250 feet and 26 feet wide. Some of them grow much bigger, while the height of others is comparatively less. You might find it strange, but the life of this category of flora is beyond human imagination; they can stand tall and green for up to 3000+ years.

Details About General Sherman, the World’s Largest Tree

The General Sherman tree is the biggest, with a height of about 275 feet and a width of approximately 36 feet. This tree grabs the title of the largest tree after defeating the measures of the gigantic General Grant Tree that stands 267 ft high and 29 ft broad. It is the second-tallest tree after General Sherman.

World’s Biggest Cave – Hang Son Doong Cave (Quang Binh Province)

Hang Son Doong Cave

As you scroll through the List of the Biggest Things in The World, prepare not to be shocked by the area of the biggest cave. 

Size of the Cave: 1.35 Billion Cubic Feet with Additional Volume of 5.25 Million Cubic Feet

Lesser Known Fact: The world’s biggest cave is more enormous than any other cave on Earth. It is so huge that other caves can fit within the Hang Son Doong.

More About Hang Son Doong

  • Length: Approx. 9 kilometres
  • Entrances: 2
  • Age: Between 2 and 5 million years old
  • Depth: Max. 150 metres or 490 ft
  • Discovery Date: In 1990 by Ho Khanh

Hang Son Doong, ages two and five million years old, was constructed using soluble limestone. It is just double in size compared to that of the world’s second-largest cave. The cave is situated in Vietnam’s Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, Phong Nha-K Bhang National Park.

The visit to this enormous cave is unmatched and highly adventurous; capturing every moment is worth it. Go with full preparation to cherish memories beyond the mesmerizing visit.

World’s Largest Flying Sea Bird – Royal Albatross

royal albatross largest flying sea bird

As you see the sweet, tiny birds flying in the air, can you ever imagine that the birds can be taller than you? The height of the world’s biggest flying bird will certainly leave you in astonishment. 

Size of The Royal Albatross Bird: The Bird Has a Wingspan of 11.4 ft or Three and a Half Metres

Lesser Known Fact: 

Albatrosses are the largest flying birds, with approximately 6.2 to 8.2 kg of weight. As dogs are known as faithful animals, albatrosses are the most faithful birds ever studied. They shall be marked as the true love birds, as they are the most loyal and have the lowest divorce rate. This seabird can fly for miles without giving a single flap to its wing, presenting an eye-pleasing sight for the viewers.

More About the Royal Albatross

The Royal Albatross and the species is found near New Zealand. They spend 85% of their lives over the ocean. The bird can fly up to 118 miles every year. The largest seabird is known for its excellent flying skills despite the difficulty faced during takeoff and landing due to its huge size and weight.

  • Scientific Name: Diomedea Epomophora
  • Lifespan: 58 years
  • Weight: 13 to 28 lb (5.9 to 12.7 kg)
  • Size: Upto 3M
  • Wing Span: 270 to 305 cm

World’s Biggest Rock – Mt Augustus (Western Australia)

Mount augustus

Have you ever thought that a rock can make such a huge structure that it can make its way to the list of the Largest Things in The World? Well, believe it or not, that exists.

Size of The Biggest Rock: Mt. Augustus spreads up to 11,850 acres.

Lesser Known Facts: If you wonder why Mt Augustus is referred to as the mountain, the reality is that the cut-off for a huge natural structure to be called a mountain is 1000 ft, and Mt Augustus stands 1125 ft tall. However, it is not a mountain because it is a single sandstone structure. It is two and a half times bigger than the second biggest rock, Uluru, and much more older than it. 

More Details About The Biggest Rock Mt Augustus

Mt Augustus is the world’s largest rock located in the Golden Outback of Western Australia towards the east of Carnarvon. It is a beautiful tourist spot and a heritage place to visit. It is surrounded by water holes, springs, and caverns. Here, you can also find the ancient indigenous paintings curated years ago by the Pitjantjatjara people.

  • Age – 1,650 million years old
  • Area – 4,795 hectares or 11,850 acres
  • Height – 1,106 metres or 3,629 ft

World’s Biggest Factory – The Boeing Everett Factory

Boeing Everett Factory

The plane is a huge, giant structure in itself. Now imagine a place where multiple planes are manufactured and bundled up together; how big can it be?

Size of the Biggest Factory: Spread over 472 Million Cubic Feet (13,385,378 cubic metres)

Lesser Known Facts:

Boeing belongs to the family of the biggest commercial aircraft, and they are being manufactured at two different widespread sites. One of them is situated in California, and the other makes it to the list of the Biggest Things in the World is located in Everett. 

More About Boeing Factory

The Boeing Everett Factory has a 399,480 square metres (98.3 acres) floor area and manufactures approximately four different types of aircraft. Apart from the manufacturing unit, the biggest building space on the Earth of around 100 acres has a museum theatre, store, and around 19 eateries. You will be astonished that this complex, built in 1967, has a separate railway spur and pedestrian tunnels of 2.33 miles. 

Rafflesia Arnoldii – The Biggest Flower in the World

Rafflesia Arnoldii the biggest flower in the world

A giant Rafflesia Arnoldii that grew on 30th August 2021 in a resident yard of the Kepahiang District, Indonesia, is so far the biggest flower. 

Lesser Known Facts: Rafflesia Arnorldii is a flower that has no stem, no leaves, and no roots. If you wonder how it grows? Well, the answer is that the plant or the flower feeds on the other organisms. It hooks itself on other plants just like a vampire and sucks all the required nutrients for its growth. 

More About the Biggest Flower:

It weighs around 10 pounds, almost thrice the weight of an average human born. This flower does not bloom with a fragrance but contains the odor of rotten flesh. However, the smell is good for the plant species as it attracts insects, which are significantly helpful for pollination. If you get a chance to witness the biggest flower in the world, just praise the beauty from a distance; it might not be a very pleasant experience to watch closely. 

  • Scientific name: Rafflesia arnoldii
  • Family: Rafflesiaceae
  • Smell: rotting flesh
  • Habitat: Tropical rainforest
  • Bloom time: 24 to 36 hours
  • Weight: up to 15 pounds
  • Size: 3 ft Across

World’s Biggest Desert: Antarctica

Antarctica the Biggest Desert in the World

Were you also living with the myth that the Sahara is the world’s largest desert? Well, if you never knew that Antarctica is a desert, good morning. NASA officially announced Antarctica as a polar desert because it hardly rains or snows there; even if it does, it is soon transformed into thick ice sheets. 

Size of Antarctica, The Biggest Desert: 5.5 million square feet

Lesser Known Facts:

Antarctica is bigger than any human imagination. Scientists often use this lesser-explored part of our planet to study life on Mars. If you are really mesmerized by the Biggest Things in the World and wish to know What is the Biggest Thing on The Earth? Well, Antarctica can be your satisfactory answer. 

More About Antarctica

People have been to Antarctica, and they have traveled a maximum of 651 km, starting from the Ronne Ice Shelf to the South Pole. The average traveling distance in Antarctica is not more than 10 km in a day. So, even if someone has traveled 651 km in Antarctica, they might have taken more than 65 days. Twenty-three million years ago, Antarctica was an icy forest, and for approximately 10 million years, it has been under a thick desert under the ice sheet. One can never cross the entire Antarctica, even in a complete lifetime. 

World’s Biggest Mammal: Blue Whale

Blue Whale the Biggest Mammal in the World

Have you seen the prettier, giant, and yet harmless animal for humans: Blue Whale? With the disturbed ecosystem, the total count of mature blue whales or baleen whales has reduced to 5,000-10,000, and the rest of the growing ones are between 10,000-25,000 in 2018 from 140,000 mature whales in 1926.

Size of The Blue Whale: 29.9 metres.

Lesser Known Facts:

The Biggest Animal on the Earth does not eat any big living organisms but depends on krill ( the small shellfish) to feed themselves. However, a single baleen whale can eat approximately 3,600 kg of krill in a single day. 

More About Blue Whale

Blue whales are usually found in the ocean, and they presently live in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans. The fascinating fact about this biggest animal is that it is not just the biggest animal but also one of the world’s heaviest mammals, weighing approximately 180 tonnes. 

World’s Biggest Plane – Stratolaunch

stratolaunch biggest plane in the world

The plane is a huge traveling unit, and now, if you are astonished, what is different about Stratolaunch? So here is the answer. Stratolaunch was the aircraft concept introduced in 2019 for a rocket launching business. 

Size of The Biggest Plane Stratolaunch: 5,00,000 pounds.

Lesser Known Facts:

Stratolaunch was designed with a unique concept of width of 385 feet. It can fly up to 35,000 feet, just at the height of most passenger flights. Stratolaunch takes the rockets from the ground to the height of 35000 ft, from wherein they use their own motors to push themselves into space. 

More About Stratolaunch

Stratolaunch runs on six engines and on over twenty-eight wheels. Talking about the wingspan of the biggest plane is equivalent to that of the football field. It can transfer the rockets carrying satellites to the upper earth’s atmosphere. 

If you are still eager to know other biggest things in the world, apart from those mentioned above, continue to read the Frequently Asked Questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions about The Biggest Things in The World

Question 1: What is The Biggest Artificial or Man-Made Structure on The Planet Earth?

Answer: The Biggest Man-Made planned construction in the world is Burj Khalifa, situated in Dubai.


  • It boasts 163 stories and accommodates 57 elevators.
  • The structure stands at a remarkable height of 829.8m or 2,722 feet.
  • Currently, the Burj Khalifa holds 16 world records, including:
    • The world’s highest elevator installation.
    • The world’s highest observation deck, situated on the 124th level.
    • And, notably, the title of the world’s tallest tower.

Question 2: Which is the Biggest City in the World?

Answer: Well, most people who are good at general knowledge might have the answer that Tokyo is the biggest city in the world. Some other details supporting the answer are mentioned below. 

  • Tokyo, once a small fishing village, has now transformed into a bustling metropolis over time and the world’s biggest city.
  • Also, it is the room for Tsukiji Fish Market, the world’s largest fish market.
  • Renowned for its tuna auctions, the Tsukiji Fish Market witnessed a historic sale where a single tuna fetched a staggering $1.7 million.
  • Tokyo is not just the biggest but the most populous city globally, with approximately 37.26 million inhabitants, constituting over a quarter of the total population of Japan.

Question 3: What is The Biggest Thing of The Universe and Not Just the Earth?

Answer: The Biggest thing in the universe was discovered in November 2013, and is the ‘Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall‘. It holds the title of the largest known structure in the Universe.


  • Hercules- Corona Borealis Great Wall is classified as a galactic filament, which is characterized by an immense cluster of galaxies bound together by gravitational forces.
  • It  is situated at an astonishing distance of approximately 10 billion light-years from Earth.
  • The colossal structure spans vast cosmic distances, contributing to our understanding of the intricate and expansive nature of the Universe.

Question 4: Is the Statue of Liberty is The Biggest Statue of the World?

Answer: No, the Biggest Statue in the World is the Statue of Unity, situated in Gujrat, India, on the banks of the Narmada River.


  • The statue portrays Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a prominent leader in India’s independence movement and the country’s first Deputy Prime Minister and home minister.
  • It stands at an impressive height of 182 meters, or say, 597 feet, making it the tallest statue in the world.
  • The construction of the Statue of Unity was completed in 2018, commemorating Sardar Patel’s contributions to the unification of India.
  • It holds a great tourist attraction and a tribute to the man who integrated hundreds of princely states into the proud Republic of India.

Question 5: Which is the Biggest Country of The Earth?

Answer: Russia is the biggest country in the world and stretches up to 9000 km on the planet.


  • Russia is the largest country in the world by land area, spanning across 11 time zones.
  • The country covers approximately 17.1 million square kilometers, equivalent to 6.6 million square miles of territory.
  • It shares borders with 14 countries, including Norway, Finland, China, Mongolia, and Ukraine.
  • Russia is very rich in natural resources, including oil, natural gas, timber, and minerals.
  • The diverse geography of Russia encompasses vast plains, mountain ranges such as the Caucasus and the Urals, forests, tundra, and extensive coastlines along the Arctic and Pacific Oceans.

Wrapping Up

There are different categories, and the list of the biggest things in the world is neverending. If you have a specific question about the biggest things in the world, let us know in the comment box and we will be more than happy to answer. 

Meanwhile, we are preparing for the list of the cutest and the smallest things in the world. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to read our upcoming blog for the surprising facts. 


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