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8 best website design software for mac

Creating your space on the Internet can be rewarding, but what to do when you don’t know a thing about coding? 

Gone are the days when you have to code for creating websites. Now you can DIY it, and in this article, we will learn about those 8 best website design software for mac that will make your process super smooth. 

So how do we select the web design software for Mac? 

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is that it should be easy to use! The website builder should help and navigate you in creating a design you want. 

Other than creating designs, there will be so many services linking to your websites like analytics, search consoles, ecommerce tools and more.

These services must connect easily and shouldn’t mess with the website builder. 

The best web design software for macintosh must include:

  • Simple and easy navigation.
  • Templates to edit and a drag & drop page builder.
  • Affordable pricing. 
  • Good customer support.

Based on these factors, I’ve selected the 8 best website design software for mac that makes your job super easy. You don’t need any prior experience; even if you lack designing or coding skills, you can still create an amazing website. 

Let us start with the list. 

  1. WordPress

(Free/Premium plan costs $2.10 per month) 

According to kinsta.com, “WordPress market share is 43% of all websites” WordPress is famous for 2 reasons.

  • It’s free to start
  • It extremely easy to use

The website builder runs amazingly well on a mac. There are two options to choose wordpress.org and wordpress.com. 

WordPress.org is free and open-source software. You need to purchase a hosting plan and connect it with the online software of wordpress.org.

Then select a theme to build your website from scratch, or you can use the available templates in your theme to quickly design your website. It’s simple and one of the best tools to create websites. 

WordPress.com is also free to start and provides everything in one place. You don’t have to purchase hosting, page builder, themes or more. 

The free version comes with restrictions where you get a URL ending with wordpress.com, and it contains ads to cover WordPress costs. There are many more restrictions, and you’ll not be allowed to design a website you want. 

Remove all these restrictions by purchasing a plan. They got 4 plans starting from $2.10. 

  1. Wix

(Free/premium starts at $1.6 per month)

Next to WordPress, Wix is another website designing software for mac that is super easy to use and free to start. 

Using Wix website builder, you can create high-quality websites to promote your business, showcase your work, open your store, or start a blog. 

Wix allows you to pick a template and design anything, accept payments, design mobile-friendly websites, add an online store, optimize your site for SEO, and you can do many more things easily. 

The free plan covers a custom domain, SSL certificate, 1GB bandwidth and 500 MB storage space. Their most basic plan starts at just $1.6 per month. 

Wix is famous, and you can get started without using any credit card. 

  1. Squarespace

(14 days free trial then min $12 per month)

In recent years Squarespace emerged to be an amazing website builder with modern features that are best suitable for new and emerging websites.

They claim to be the leader in website design, and you can actually edit some award-winning designs on their platform to create your website. 

Like any other website builder Squarespace also comes with tools like analytics, blogging or SEO tools support and creating beautiful designs. 

It works smoothly on a mac, and they also got a mobile app to design a website including similar tools like mac. 

However, Squarespace is free to start, but unlike Wix or WordPress, it’s not free forever. You can take a free trial for 14 days, and then you have to purchase to continue. 

  1. Weebly

(Free/premium starts at $5 per month)

Weebly is more focused on providing an on-the-go platform to design ecommerce websites. This doesn’t mean you cannot use it to start a free blog. However, most of their tools are for entrepreneurs willing to sell products online. 

The company claims that using their website builder. You can easily build a free website that grows your business. 

There is a 4 step guide you can follow:

  • Get step-by-step guidance to build and launch a website with expert starter guides and planning tools. 
  • Easily customize using their website builder. 
  • Use their eCommerce tools to simplify order management, shipping, and payments.
  • Find new customers using their marketing tools, Facebook ads and email campaigns. 

Weebly is also a partner with Square that simplifies payments and opens more options. 

The free version gives you an SSL certificate, 500MB storage and a domain ending with weebly.com. Premium starts at just $5 per month.

  1. GoDaddy

(Free/Premium starts at $2.62 per month)

When it comes to domain and hosting, Godaddy is famous. The company was founded in 1997 and is currently the biggest player. 

However, website design is not what they are famous for. 

Still, Godaddy has designed their website building tool amazingly well that it’s worth a spot on this list of “best website design software for mac.”

It’s free to start and allows you to edit pre-built templates to launch your site quickly.

Their free version includes:

  • Email and social media marketing. 
  • One-time appointments.
  • PayPal payments.
  • SSL certificate. 
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Branded content creation with GoDaddy studio.

GoDaddy provides more options to try for free compared to other website builders. It’s easy to use and helpful in creating good web designs for macintosh.

Worth trying!

  1. Webflow

(Free/Premium starts at $12 per month)

Webflow is another drag and drop website designing tool used by over 3,500,000 designers and teams. The company provides plans for both e-commerce and blogs. 

The basic plan for bloggers starts at $12, whereas the premium plan for ecommerce starts at $29 per month. 

Webflow is famous for launching custom ecommerce stores, monetizing member-only content and designing creative pop-ups. Other website designing tools provide the same options, but webflow has made it super easy. 

They have a library of 400+ free lessons covering layout, typography, interactions and 3D transforms. Also, you can connect with 75,000+ members of the community through their website. 

It’s again a freemium software, you can use it for free, but it comes with restrictions. 

They also have a “Hire an expert” option on their website. You can reach out to them to start a conversation. In case you are stuck, then you know where to contact. 

Webflow is a kind of complete website designing software for mac available for both ecommerce and bloggers. 

  1. Weblium

(Free/premium starts at $8.25 per month)

Weblium is promoted as the most effortless website or landing page builder. They got some unique features:

  • Over 300 ready-to-use templates for an online store, business card, landing page, portfolio, events or business.
  • For online selling, you can design an online store, take payments, manage sales from an easy dashboard provided by weblium. 
  • They provide tools like a pop-up constructor, SEO, analytics support, integrations, CRM, and contact forms for promotion. 

You don’t have to worry about hosting, domain, SSL security certificate, software updates, and other technical stuff. All these technical things can be easily managed using weblium. 

It’s easy to use and works well to create a web design for macintosh

Their free plan includes 300+ ready-to-use software, AI design supervisor, unlimited storage, SSL certificate and multiple contributors.

Most website designing tools provide limited storage of 500MB to 1GB; Weblium offers unlimited storage. That’s an additional point. 

  1. EverWeb 

(Starts at $79.95 one-time payment)

EverWeb is promoted as the leading website design software for mac. So naturally, it has to be on this list. 

The software is specially built to use on a mac to create beautiful, responsive websites without any code. You need to use their drag and drop tool to make your website. 

They also provide 500,000+ Free Stock Photos to use anywhere on your website. The basic plan includes:

  • 500,000+ stock-free photos.
  • 200+ Free Website Templates
  • Create Unlimited Websites
  • 1 Year of FREE software Updates
  • SEO For EverWeb Video Course

It’s a great website designing tool and using EverWeb, and you can create good designs for blogging and ecommerce. That looks excellent on both PC and mobile devices. 


Websites are evolving, and now users will view your website on a PC, Tablet, mobile or even on television. You have to make sure that your website looks good on all these devices. 

A website designing tool plays an important role in designing and running your website smoothly. It’s crucial to select the right one. 

These were some of the best website design software for mac. Evaluateall your options and select the one that suits your need.

By the way, which website designing software are you going to use? Please share your comments. 

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