Best VPN to bypass ISP throttling

ISP throttling, often known as ‘bandwidth throttling,’ is a method of intentionally slowing down a user’s bandwidth. It is the deliberate slowing down of an online connection speed bandwidth or performance. It might happen between your computer and the internet provider, or between your device and the internet. ISPs limit bandwidth multiple times each day to ease traffic on their networks. This costs them time and allows them to analyse less information.

Furthermore, ISPs throttle bandwidth so that people purchase more expensive options and plans that do not limit bandwidth. In a nutshell, it’s a means for them to persuade their customers to increase their high-speed internet or plan. A reputable and free VPN to bypass throttling providers can enable any netizen to achieve the highest level of online anonymity and security. While many people are unaware of it, ISP throttling is a big roadblock to online independence.

User privacy is being violated by the continual observation, oversight, and limiting of internet usage. Even though it is increasingly widespread, ISP throttling is a stealthy tactic. Anyone who is attentive enough can put an end to it by checking with one of the many signs of ISP throttling, such as:

  • While downloading videos, there is a long and persistent buffering period. These results of speed tests show much slower speeds than what you may have subscribed for.
  • Various online activities may work considerably slower than what you have subscribed for. Read below to know some best VPNs to bypass ISP throttling.

How to bypass ISP throttling?

There are various approaches you may take to alleviate ISP throttling; just make sure you’re dealing with the problem. Once you’ve acknowledged it, there are a few options for getting away from How to bypass ISP throttling.

  • Complain to your ISP: file a complaint with your ISP provider, and you can request that they correct the problem. That’s not going to happen. They’ll start throttling again if they modify your connectivity.
  • Change your ISP: Changing your ISP provider is occasionally beneficial because all ISP providers, whether Comcast, Verizon, Centurylink, or any other provider, are participating in bandwidth limiting.
  • Use the Speed VPN: Using the fastest VPN to actually fix the IP with the new ISP provider is the most important strategy to get an ISP provider outside of your location. 

These are all viable options for circumventing ISP throttling. The top two alternatives may temporarily relieve you of the throttling, but they are not permanent. 

List of best VPNs to bypass ISP throttling


This Panama-based VPN provider is known for being the quickest, safest, and the best VPN to bypass ISP throttling to use (find out why in this detailed NordVPN review). Due to exceptional features such as NordVPN shows to be one of the finest for personal privacy and evading ISP throttling.

  • Six simultaneous connections are available with the OpenVPN encryption protocol.
  • Enables peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing
  • Interoperability with Netflix in the United States
  • Additional privacy and security advantages offered by NordVPN include Onion over VPN, Kill Switch, and Double VPN. These features add an extra degree of security in a variety of situations, allowing users to stay anonymous from their ISP or other online snoopers.
  • NordVPN is known for providing high speeds and a steady connection for download and streaming.

Surfshark VPN 

This relatively the Best VPN to stop throttling boasts top-notch security features while also assuring complete anonymity. It not only has a safe location in the British Virgin Islands, but it also has an astringent no-log policy backed up by a log audit report. Surfshark also provides a number of powerful tools that enable customers to overcome ISP throttling, including:

  • Secure AES-356 GCM protection IKEv2, OpenVPN, Shadowsock, and WireGuard are just a few of the secure VPN methods available.
  • Torrenting via P2P networks is supported, as well as other functions.
  • There are no limits on the number of servers you can use.
  • Despite the fact that this baby shark is still relatively new on the market, its remarkable security controls set it apart from other VPN services.


Another Best VPN to stop throttling is ExpressVPN. It has a good server network, lightning-fast connections, and limitless storage. This ensures that your ISP will be unable to monitor your bandwidth-intensive traffic.

  • Furthermore, the free VPN to bypass throttling employs a number of encryption techniques, including OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPSec. Your activities are kept private with the OpenVPN. ExpressVPN also employs its light way technology, which guarantees lightning-fast speeds.
  • ExpressVPN, without a doubt, shields your online activities from ISPs. Its tight no-log policy, trusted server technology, split tunnelling, and network lock functionality all contribute to its success. It also has its own private and encrypted DNS server. They prevent your ISP from seeing what sites you visit, giving you peace of mind as you browse.

There are a variety of different VPN services available if ExpressVPN or NordVPN, to know more best VPN to bypass ISP throttling you need to do research. There are a few things to keep an eye out for when it comes to identifying ISP throttling. Try to find a service with a kill switch. Not all VPNs have these, but you’ll need them to successfully avoid the problem of stopping ISP Throttling with VPN.

FAQ’s on VPN to bypass ISP throttling

Throttling a connection to the internet is a common practice that is lawful in many cases. When a subscription has a data allowance, the number of excess consumption increases, which can lead to data throttle. Most ISPs are obligated by law to inform customers about throttle fees.

Is It Possible to Avoid ISP Throttling?

Implementing bypass options on top of bandwidth limiting is the best way to go. If your ISP throttles your bandwidth but doesn’t offer switching options, you can access it over a VPN. As a consequence, your ISP will be unable to detect spam filtering mistakes in traffic. So, how much bandwidth can it throttle based on packets of data? It simply wouldn’t be able to throttle traffic depending on the service you’re accessing.

Is it possible for ISP to tell me to stop throttling?

Please do not join up if you are not notified of a bandwidth and data cap. Don’t go that route when looking for an Internet service provider. Make sure you’ve got a free VPN to bypass the throttling setup. If you don’t want to move providers, you can avoid throttling due to traffic.

Is a VPN useful for ISP throttling?

Your ISP won’t be able to see what you’re doing online if you use a VPN, and your traffic will be encrypted. When filtering is implemented for a certain application or website, it helps you save time.

How to stop Netflix from throttling your account?

Assume you’re being throttled by your ISP, particularly if you’re watching Netflix. And, on occasion, you may experience poor quality and a slow buffer heavily congested. To deter Netflix, ISPs are compensated and receive benefits from competing subscription services.

To get around the regional restrictions, a VPN is the better decision, but it’s crucial to note that Netflix is going to crack down on all VPN IP addresses. Selecting a VPN that allows you to work with Netflix at the fastest speed and with the most dependability is difficult these days without Stop ISP Throttling with VPN.

How Can I Tell If My Internet Service Provider Is Throttling Me?

To monitor your progress, we consider running an internet speed test in Step 1.

Then, to assess performance, do a speed test on a Virtual Private Network…

2: Evaluate the numbers of the first two speed tests.

Step 4 is when you can compare speeds to stated ones.

Final Thoughts

Connection speed limitations, whether caused by ISP throttling or another factor, are among the most aggravating internet concerns. However, with the introduction of privacy solutions such as VPNs, attaining online freedom and privacy does not appear to be an insurmountable challenge. Ideally, this article will assist you in circumventing How to bypass ISP throttling and obtaining the uninterrupted internet connection you expect.


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