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Best Free Spy Apps for Android without Having Target Phone

Gone are the days when you would hire a secret investigator for keeping a vision on someone. Not only was it expensive but cumbersome as well. Luckily, the time has now changed. Now, you can spy on any mobile phone you want, that too without downloading any free android mobile spy apps without a target phone.

Nowadays, if you want to know about somebody, all you have to do is access their mobile phones. But, no one will hand over their phones easily, especially if they have got something to keep as a secret. These people mostly include strict managers, worried parents, and concerned spouses. 

What you require is a stealth alternative that will give you access to the real data of the targeted device? Moreover, it would help if you had a solution like free spy apps for android without a target phone. This way, the other person could not find out that you are spying on them. They will remain clueless to the fact that they are being spied. 

How Do Free Mobile Spy Apps Without a Target Phone Works?

Android devices come with brilliant security. Customers can enable fingerprint and password locks. In certain devices, you shall also find a facial detection lock. Therefore, it is not simple to spy on somebody’s mobile phone even though you have physical access to it. 

In certain cases, it becomes necessary to spy on the information on someone’s phone. You may doubt that your employee is involved in doing their personal online tasks during their office time. Besides, the awkward behaviour of your child may become a reason to check their mobile phones. 

For spying on an android device, you do not need physical access to the phone. From a remote place, you can track the information on the device. It is possible with the use of free spy apps for android without a target phone. 

For utilising spying apps, you require only one-time access to the target phone. You need to obtain the device and download the application. After downloading, you need to follow some configuration steps. When the configuration is completed, you will be allowed to track the phone’s information from a remote location.

From text messages to the call list, you can check all the significant functions of an android device with the spying app. Many free spy apps for android without a target phone allow you to access social media accounts. You can hack any instant messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

You can also check the live location of the android phone user if the person has his phone. Tracking information on a mobile phone will assist you to know whether your employee is loyal to you or not. You can also track possible dangers for your children. 

Top Spy Apps for Android Without a Target Phone

Hacking an Android smartphone is no piece of cake. Every fleeting day, we see security tightening up for android phones, with new technologies popping up every now and then. Gone are the days when you could easily break into someone’s phone lock by performing a hack or two. Now, the job has become challenging. 

Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that spying on somebody’s mobile phone is entirely impossible. Kudos to the enhanced technology; spy and several monitoring apps are accessible that make the spying task easier. Some of the popular and common free spy apps for android without a target phone are mentioned below: –

  • CocoSpy

CocoSpy is a feature-rich spying software for android phones. You can hack the text messages and listen to a phone call of the targeted devices. There are many more other features like access to Telegram, WhatsApp, and other social media accounts. Android devices can use the location tracking function with this software.

In simple words, you can track the location of the targeted android device if the phone is rooted before downloading CocoSpy. The main limitation is that it does not offer screenshot and call recording features to spy on a phone without a target phone.

  • mSpy

Among the remote mobile phone spy applications without a target phone for iOS or Android devices, mSpy has been regarded as one of the best applications. It comes with many features. Besides, the application is easy to download. 

The enhanced keylogger feature assists you to track keystrokes, passwords, etc. There are certain limitations too. You cannot track Kik messenger and Instagram using this application. Moreover, the technical customer service of mSpy is not very efficient.

  • Spyine

Spyine is another popular free spy app without a target phone from a remote place. It comes with many enhanced features for absolutely no charge whatsoever. You can track location, social media apps, call records, and read somebody’s text messages with this application. 

It also supports multilingual customer service. Consumers can also opt for a demo version with a handful of features only. Many users can find Spyine to be a little complicated to use. Also, certain features are only accessible to rooted or jailbroken devices. 

  • MobiStealth

For spying on an iOS or Android phone, you can utilise MobiStealth. With this application, you can track data on any device from a remote place. The app comes with a keylogging function that helps you to find typing data, passwords, etc. It can record calls so that you can hear them whenever you want.

However, this free spy app without a target phone also has certain drawbacks. The enhanced features for spying on the phones through this app need rooting or jailbreak to work efficiently. 

  • Minspy

Minspy is a phone spying app that is utilised by over a million users all over the world. The application has been talked about by trusted news sources like Digital Trends, Forbes, and TechNews too. The app is simple to download and only 2 MB large, which can be easily downloaded with a decent internet connection.

The app provides internet browsing details, real-time location tracking, and web browser tracing. One can spy on text messages, call logs, and all social media platforms with the help of this free mobile spy software without a target phone.

  • Spy

Spy has been positively reviewed by famous brands such as 9To5Mac and Forbes. It happens to spy on target devices by tracking their call logs, location, and social media apps. Users can spy on the targeted device by downloading this tiny-sized app on their Android device.

It has many valuable features involving Geo-Fencing that enables the user to access the target’s location with the help of GPS. Users can also spy on a target’s social media accounts like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.


With today’s global smartphone activities, you cannot ignore the significance of spy apps for Android without a target phone devices. Kids are vulnerable, and adults there are to manipulate and trap them. It becomes necessary for parents to track their kids for their keepsake. 

All the applications mentioned above are best-in-class and work brilliantly with Android and iOS phones. And probably, you have found your free spy app without a target phone to spy on somebody’s phone. Using any of these apps will provide you with numerous features for absolutely free. Also, it will allow you to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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