Best Pedometer App for Android Phone Free

In this pandemic, when we are all locked up in a confined environment, physical health has taken a toll as we do not do much physical activity. Our average physical activity is down by at least 50% as our routine commute is halted.

With this being said, I guess you’re now aware of the downside of perusing a passive lifestyle. Well, this article is all about it, to help you kick start with your physical fitness journey with the help of the best free pedometer app for android.

What is a Pedometer app?

A Pedometer app is a simple, steps-tracking application that takes count of the number of steps you take daily. Well, it’s not just the steps. It also keeps a tab of how frequently you move in a day, the distance you moved, the speed, the calories you burnt in the procedure, and other health-related data. It monitors your activity levels and shows you a graph. It does this recording with the help of a GPS tracker and built-in sensors available on your phone.

All this by just downloading a best pedometer app for android phone free from your mobile. It does everything your fitness band or the watch can do but at a much less cost, almost for free. All you might need is a mobile phone and the best free walking pedometer app for android. Please keep reading further to discover a few of the best android pedometers available in the market.

Features to look for: 

Did you already decide to install a free pedometer app for android phone but confused about selecting the best one? Although there are many options available in the market, most of them cannot often produce accurate results. Well, I will enlighten you with some features that you should look for before landing on the best android pedometer.

  • Although there is a lot of free walking pedometer app for android phone, if you’re looking for a paid version, look for the availability of a free trial version before signing up for a subscription, so you would know what exactly you’re going to sign up for and if it would suit your needs.
  • Makes sure it only relies on built-in sensors from your phone, rather than its own. This is because the pedometer app for android with built-in sensors would drain your battery.
  • Ability to track GPS to map routes.
  • Accurate calory counting and collecting data.
  • Offers you a pleasing visual display and must be reliable for everyone to use.
  • Ability to connect with social media platforms and other community pages so you can share your progress.
  • Summary graphs that show your progress, so you could be motivated.
  • Should be able to pair with your wearable device, if any.
  • Reminders to prompt you to start your workout daily.
  • Options to set goals and track its progress
  • Should have timer facilities and a stopwatch.
  • Ability to set/reset your daily step count goal and notification of appreciation when you achieve your daily goal.

Best Free Pedometer App for Android

You want to start your fitness journey and keep track of it, but cannot afford the Apple Watch or Fitbit? Well, there’s always a solution. Look for the best walking pedometer app for android and kick start your fitness journey. While there are tons of walking applications, let us look at some of the best ones available.

  1. Google Fit – Google developed this application for Android OS. It uses built-in sensors from your device to track your activities like biking, running, and walking automatically and it is available as a free app in the play store. It has location data and tells your progress and the location of your workout. You can set your daily goals. There are options to enter your daily height and weight so can know the results of your workouts at regular intervals.

Not every workout can be done with the phone in your hands. Therefore, it lets you log an activity, where you can enter the physical activity (like climbing, planks, etc.) And the time frame, so it can count it in. You can also integrate your other fitness apps with Google Fit.

  1. Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter–It uses built-in sensors and does not offer GPS tracking. So, your battery is safe. It tracks your calories consumed and burnt, distance walked, and time. Click on start and it will start recording your steps even when your phone is locked. It is 100% safe as it doesn’t ask you to sign up. The winners of Google Play Best of 2016 designed this app so you can expect nothing but the best pedometer app for android free for design.
  2. Fitbit – This app is the best in the user interface. It helps you track your exercise, heart rate, weight, and sleep. Yes, you heard me right. Records sleep metrics that tell you whether you had a pleasant sleep, the number of hours you slept and were awake. It lets you log your food and processes the nutrition and carbs information. This way you can plan your diet better.
  3. Pacer Pedometer – Walking, Running, Step Challenges–It syncs the steps moved with Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. It is a free health monitor that tracks your weight loss, walking, and steps are taken. It has a chart that lets you know if you performed better than in the previous days. You can form groups and set challenges. You can benefit from their fitness plans and health advice. It is one of the best pedometer app for android free.

Are They Accurate?

So, based on the above insights, you figured out the best free android pedometer app for android but skeptical about its accuracy? Well, I will tell few quick methods to identify if your pedometer app for android is giving accurate results. First things first, it all depends on the mechanism. Accelerometer and Accelerometers are the two chips that give more accurate results.

The best android pedometers make use of these chips thus resulting in precise results. To check the correctness of your walking pedometer app for android, you can walk 100 steps, count it yourself and compare your count with that of the pedometer. It is ideal to have your phone in your hands, in the bag you’re holding, or in your pocket.

The distance estimate accuracy depends on the stride length and therefore, it is important to set the stride length accurately. Researches have proved that the accuracy of the walking pedometer app for android, when strapped close to the body, produces more accurate results than that of mechanical pedometers.

Some Motivation for You to Kick Start Your Fitness Regime!

Physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle are never a piece of cake unless you take your best efforts towards achieving it. Trust me, I understand, perusing something constantly can get really hard. But once you get used to that routine, there would be no going back. Exercising is not just for someone who’s obese. You can be physically fit and still pursue it just to ensure your health remains intact. You would love a physically fit version of you. So, what are you waiting for? Download the best android pedometer app for android and start your fitness journey!


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