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Back Of Business Card Ideas: 11 Powerful Ways To Shine For Ultimate Marketing

In today’s marketing world, business cards have become a terrific resource of utmost importance. Even in this digital era, people prefer a handy business card that has all the valuable contact information for instant use. Thus, looking for front and back of business card ideas that make your business card stand out is essential. Especially what to put on the back of a business card for maximizing business branding?

Did you know as per Statistic Brain Research Institute, about 39% of the population reject doing business with companies that have cheap-looking business cards? Well, worry no more; we are here to help you with the best ideas for back of business card that are super professional, creative, and witty! 

So, let’s get started!

Top 11 back of business card ideas that will woo your prospects in first look

Since these ideas for back of business card will accelerate your business avenues, you should definitely opt for them as part of your ultimate marketing plan.

  1. Punchy Brand Statement

While the front covers all the basic contact information, the back is your ultimate creativity zone. To use it cleverly, you can begin by adding a powerful brand statement. Yes, it works its charm every time! This brand statement should be short and memorable, including a revolutionary idea. 

Once you add the apt words that prospects can connect to, you will have a higher chance of getting hired. Isn’t that what you really want?

  1. QR Code To Freebie/Service Discount

When looking for business card back ideas, this one will surely steal the deal. Just like restaurants are going paperless and adding a QR code on each table to view the entire menu digitally, you can now add a QR code on the back of each business card for detailed brand information. 

Putting a QR code that offers a freebie or discount coupon helps you build customers in the very first interaction. It is a smart way to reach out to more customers 

  1. Social Media Handles

Adding your social media handles build more credibility and help prospects to recognize your brand identity in a better way. In this way, they can stay connected with all your brand activities and keep in touch with new products/service launches or other sales or discount offers available!

When looking for modern ideas for back of business card, I believe this particular hack will create more leads and amplify your business opportunities.

  1. Client Testimonials

Remember all your potential clients might want to know about your previous client experiences! If you provide some client testimonials on the back of your business card, they will take you as a reliable company for business. 

This is one of the top business card back ideas where brand marketing occurs on the grounds of trust through social proof.  

  1. Say Yes To The Maps

Confused about what to put on the back of a business card? Don’t worry. Maps are here to the rescue. You can easily add a map outlining the area of your business or the direction on the map that points out to your company.

Adding maps to the back of your business card is a practical idea as it covers the empty space and helps the holder look for your company quickly without any unnecessary hassle. Besides this, the maps add a nice, neat, and streamlined look to your business card.

You can hire a designer to add the snippet of the area or simply copy it from the internet and add it to your business card.

  1. Choose The Right Color Scheme

There are tons of colors present to use for your business, but everyone depicts a different feeling. For example, bright colors like orange and yellow depict optimism and high energy, while cooler ones like blue and purple indicate stability and dependability. The green color can be a sign of an environment-friendly brand.

So, it is necessary to pick the right color scheme to convey the apt feeling for your brand. Add the same colors to your business card so that people can get the right idea about your brand and connect to it the way you want to.

Besides giving these subconscious ideas, a suitable color scheme will help stand out from the monotonous black-and-white business cards attracting more people towards your brand.

  1. Never Miss Your Email

Initial contacts are quite quick. You just shake hands and share your business card. That’s it. It is necessary that you elevate the probability of making that initial contact into a forever client. By adding your email address to your business card, people can connect with you or ask their queries.

This gives you the opportunity to start a solid conversation and build a long-term relationship with them. So, never miss out on these prospective clients, and always add your brand’s email address to the back of your business card.

  1. Add Your Professional Photo

Short of ideas for back of business card? Don’t worry. Add a professional photo of your face to your business card so that people can remember you by something prominent.

Most of the time, people get the business card and forget about your brand’s name. Having a face on it will leave a lasting impression on them and help them remember your brand. This is a great way of networking and building a solid pool of customers for your brand.

  1. Take Help Of Referrals

Adding referrals is one of the excellent business card back ideas. You can easily improve your brand awareness by adding a discount or some other offer on the back of your business card. So, when your initial contacts get your business card, they will feel motivated to share it with other people and avail of the referral bonus.

So, by tweaking your business card, you can easily spread your brand’s name among a bigger pool and build a solid customer base without adding much stress to your budget.

  1. Add An Appointment Card

Adding an appointment card is one of the best back of business card ideas. It helps you connect with people at a deeper level and help them remember the crucial dates and meetings. Since you carry business cards with you, it is one of the convenient ways to make sure that your clients know about their commitments.

  1. Simplicity At Its Peak

Last but not the least, simplicity plays a key role in business card design. Nobody likes a fussy or complicated business card stuffed with unnecessary details all over! It defeats the purpose of having a great business card. 

Keep the card organized and ensure there is clear and consistent space among different elements without any overlapping or spelling errors.

Final Verdict

Now that you know exactly what to put on back of business card, it is time to finally make that happen. Get your customized design ready for all your prospects on whom you want to create a lasting first impression. We guarantee you it will definitely improve your business growth with a delightful customer increment.

Do let us know if you liked our ideas for back of business card, and share which one is your favorite idea. We’ll love to hear from you!

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