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AngularJs is broadly use client side platform which has already gain popularity among the developers in recent years. With Angular platform, building application has now become easy in both the cases of web and mobile. Not only that, we can also use Angular in Data visualization to leverage its incredible potentiality. Every year, there are new versions circulating and Angular lifecycle thus keeps on evolving. 

Angular was first introduced by Google in the year of 2009. Angular JS which is a dependent on JavaScript and HTML, is the first initiative taken by Angular team that went very popular. However, in the later update version, this JavaScript has been replace by Angular TypeScript and so many other scripting languages.  

Angular provides freedom to the developers to develop applications that can easily run on mobile, web and desktop as well. As the time passes Angular has introduced us with so many updates versions after Angular JS to Angular 7 and still now counting more.  

Here, we will provide some Angular JS interview Questions and Answers so that in this demanding market of Angular, the interested developer can prepare themselves or the interview.    

What is Angular?

Angular is a platform to build single page applications by using HTML and TypeScript.  It can implement core and optional functionality as a set of TypeScript libraries which you can import into your applications. As a platform, Angular includes:

  • A component based framework which will help them to build scalable web applications.
  • A set of developers tools so that it can help you to build, develop, test, and update your code.
  • A collection of well-integrated libraries to cover a huge variety of features such as forms management, routing, client server communication and more.

What is Angular Lifecycle?

In Conclusion AngularJs component is mainly went through the 8 phases in its lifecycle. Initially, it creates and presents its root components. Therefore, Components are load at the time of application development and keep checking at the time when data binding properties are getting modify, change and update. When the components will stop using, it approaches the death phase and is destroy and force out from the DOM.    

Angular can oversee all the lifecycle of Angular Components and Directives, and you need to understand the lifecycle by keeping the result in mind to get the smooth progress of your application.

What is Angular JS?

In Other Words, AngularJS is one of the most popular open-source structural JavaScript base framework that has been develop by Google to build for the large scale development, dynamic, enterprise and single page web application by following the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture and extending the HTML syntax. The latest version of Angular JS is v1.8.2/21 from October 2020. 

Where Angular Js can be used?

AngularJS is mainly use to write client side logic by using the power of JavaScript and MVC architecture. So that it can create easily maintainable, cross-browser compatible, responsive enterprise level web applications.

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What are the main features of Angular JS?

The main features of Angular S are give below:

Data binding

Angular Js provides one of the great features of Data binding that smooth the progress of the synchronization of data between the Model and the View components within the framework.  


it has been develop in Angular Js and has been test.


Angular JS contained many in-built services like $http that will help in making XMLhttpRequests and Ajax calls. 


Angular Js is built on JavaScript components and the JavaScript functions bound to scope are called controllers. 


Angular JS has so many in-built filters and also able to provide custom filters which assist in subletting the assorted times and filtering as per the required situations. 


However, Angular JS offers special objects known as Scope that refer to the models and a strong bonding between the Controller and View.


It is one of the most important concepts by Angular Js that works on switching of the views based on any condition.  


It is the markers of the DOM elements like elements, attributes and CSS etc. It is used to create custom html tag which can work as widgets. Angular Js has in-built directives ngModel, ngBind, ngHide etc.

Dependency Injection

It helps the developers to develop, maintain and test applications with the help of the interactions and resolving the dependencies between different components. MVC Patterns: It is a Model-View-Controller pattern in Angular JS. Which helps in assigning responsibilities [properly like Model works on managing the application data. View displaying that application data and Controller is working as an interface between. The Model and View to execute application logic.

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