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5 Steps To Reading An Astrology Chart To Better Understand Yourself

Astrology charts or birth charts are complex documents. While it is easy to get a free birth chart online by providing the date and time of your birth and the location where you were born, reading your chart can pose a challenge. Here are five steps you can take to gain a basic understanding of your astrology chart.

Determine Your Rising Sign

Most people know their sun sign, which is based on your date of birth. The rising sign on your birth chart refers to the sign ascending on the eastern horizon when you were born. Your rising sign can shed light on your social personality.

Rising signs change every two hours, which makes your exact time of birth essential for accurate horoscopes. If you do not know the time of day or night when you were born, you can calculate a noon chart or a skilled astrologer can provide a service called chart rectification.

Recognize the Nine Planets On Your Chart

Your birth chart will indicate the locations of the planets in the sky on the date and at the time of your birth in a specific location. The inner planets have shorter orbits than the outer planets and change signs more quickly.

The outer planets take longer to move between signs. Pluto, for instance, changes signs every 12 to 30 years, which makes this planet a generational placement. The planets and zodiac signs are represented as symbols on birth charts. You can use a key that identifies these symbols to read your astrology chart.

Identify Your Moon Sign

The placement of the moon at your time of birth can also be significant for better understanding yourself. Your moon sign can shed light on your deepest emotions and subconscious desires. Moon signs change about every two days.

As long as you know your date of birth, you should be able to accurately identify your moon sign. Once you know your rising and moon sign, you might primarily refer to the Aries daily horoscope if your sun sign is Aries, but also check predictions for these placements.

Factor In House Placements

Western astrologers and online calculators use the tropical zodiac. A birth chart based on this system is a 360 degree circle divided into 12 sections measuring 30 degrees. Planets can be situated in any of these sections, which are called houses.

Each house on your birth chart has a meaning. You can better understand yourself by identifying the planets in each house and looking up the associations of the houses.

Note Degrees and Aspects

The positions of planets are measured by degrees. Degrees and aspects, or the angles formed between planets, are advanced astrological concepts. A psychic who specializes in astrology can explain the deeper significance of birth chart placements.

Identifying your sun, moon and rising signs and the positions of planets on your birth chart is only the tip of the astrological iceberg. You can gain a better understanding of your birth chart and yourself by getting a reading from a psychic who specializes in astrology.


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