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2023’s Hottest Nail Trends

One of the key skills of running a successful business regardless of industry is keeping up to date with upcoming trends and competition. The fashion and beauty industry is always evolving and trends come and go quickly. That’s why it’s vital that you stay ahead of the curve so you can offer your clients the very latest looks.

Nail Accents

Textured nail accents look set to stay in 2023, with an emphasis on playful designs incorporating glitter and gems. Styles to watch out for include subtle accents like a simple dot of colour or acrylic nail sets that include an embellished feature such as rhinestones or nail art as well as more dramatic glitter-dipped nail tips and full nail art.

Subtle Glitter and Chrome

Chrome nails are huge on social media right now and the great news is, they work well for any occasion and any length or shape of nail. You can experiment with metallic shades or shimmering colours and go for a full chrome effect or keep it subtle with a hint of chrome, such as chrome nail tips or accents.

Subtle glitter is also popular and this is a look that can be incorporated into any design or colour scheme, with just the barest hint of sparkle over a classic French manicure, for example.

The Clean Girl Aesthetic

Clean Girl Aesthetic is huge right now. The trend, which started life on TikTok is all about an effortless, youthful look designed to showcase your natural beauty. Characterised by dewy skin and minimalist makeup, simple hairstyles such as buns and ponytails, matching loungewear and basic gold jewellery, like hoop earrings and necklaces.

The Clean Girl Aesthetic can also be applied to nails too, incorporating nudes and the palest of pale pinks to enhance a client’s nails without being over-the-top. The aim is to have nails that look clean, healthy and well-kept but also low-maintenance and suitable for an everyday look.

The Invisible French Manicure

Another top nail trend for 2023 is set to be the so-called ‘invisible’ French manicure. French manicures have been a staple of nail fashion ever since the starlets of Hollywood’s Golden Age showed off their perfectly white-tipped nails back in the 1930s and 1940s. Now this fresh take on an age-old classic is bringing it back into fashion once again. This update on the French manicure starts with the usual neutral base but instead of accenting the tip of the nail with a bright white tip, the nail is given a sheer finish for a more subtle look.

Invisible French manicures are also starting to get playful by including pastel tips or a skinny line below the tip to create the illusion of negative space. The invisible French manicure is a great way to achieve a minimalist look creatively and it can be elevated further by wearing it alongside one of the other hot nail trends for the year such as adding nail accents or subtle glitter.

Whether it’s embellishing luscious long acrylics with glitter or creating a subtle but elegant look with the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ be sure to keep your solon equipped to conquer all the latest trends that are flooding the high street.


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